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•Biometric Passports

•EU Passports

•Green Card application

•Perminent Residence Card (PR)

•Construction and obtaining identification documents

•Coaching services available

•Working permit

•Driver's license

•Birth Certificates

•Marriage Certificates

•School Diploma







•High quality Fake Dollar/Euro Bills

•ID cards

•Private and offshore banking

•Visas for USA, Canada, Australia, Europe & Asian Countries and much more!


Documents for all countries available now!!! (USA, Canada, Australia, UK, EU countries and much more!

Below is our unique contact details,

General support:============= suredocuments47@gmail.com

Whatsapp contact:============ +1 (424) 242 - 9720

Website====================== www.legitpassports.net

Skype ID:==================== dabongnifor

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